How I work

During our initial session we will discuss the particular issues that have bought you to counselling at this time, and your expectations of what you would like to gain from our sessions together.  This initial meeting will give us both a sense of whether or not you feel comfortable enough to engage in this process, and in particular to engage in this process with me.  At the end of that initial session we will discuss whether you feel that therapy is right for you at this time, and if so, then we will book a regular session together at the same time each week.

I offer both short and long-term therapy depending on individual needs, but it is up to you how long you wish to continue counselling.  I usually do a review after several sessions so that we can see where we have come, with the aim of keeping our work together focused on the outcomes that you want to achieve.  It is hard to specify how many sessions will be needed.  Some people choose to come for a few weeks and others will stay for longer until they reach the position of no longer needing support.

As our sessions together continue I strive to meet you in your world, to listen to you and value you for the person that you are, without any judgement.  The process involves me supporting and encouraging you to share your thoughts and feelings in a bid to explore who you really are and what you are really all about over a period of time.  Whatever your reason for coming to counselling you can expect to receive respect, complete confidentiality and non-judgement.  Contrary to popular belief, you cannot expect to receive advice!

As with every therapy, counselling comes with no guarantees of a life changing realisation that will help you to live happily ever after, nor is it necessarily a ‘quick fix’.  What you can be sure of it that it will give you the opportunity to open up and be listened to like you have probably never experienced before.  It gives you the time and space to explore yourself and your life experiences that have made you the person that you are today, as well as to look at what you and your life is all about.

Where else would you expect to get someone’s undivided attention, to really help you sort through your worries, anxieties, thoughts and feelings without judging you?